1. Business Affairs

a) Copyright (including all types of original and non-original subject matter)

  • Structure
  • Negotiation
  • Contract drafting and settling
  • Auditing
  •     Investigation
  •     Valuation
  •     Administration
  •     Copyright Law Consultation (see Consultation below)

b) Agreements

  • Drafting, in English, of all forms of agreements concerning the deployment of copyright and trademarks in the arts and entertainment and presentation service industries, including performer, author and artist sectors, the recording sector, the publishing sector, the performance sector, the brand sector, the fan sector and media, as well as sponsorship, production, technical services, broadcast license and other such agreements
  • Business Agreements, in English concerning employment, general services, rentals and other small business requirements

c) Consultation

  • Copyright Law (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, EU (France and Germany), US and UK)
  • Trademark Registration and practices – South Africa
  • Brand architecture
  • English language

2. Corporatization (the migration of skills to sustainable equity)

  • Skill analysis
  • Business Structuring
  • Strategic planning and forecasting

3. Skills Development

  • Copyright
  • Contracts
  • Music Industry
  • IP Policy